general questions

After completing the online purchase form and paying the premium, the policy will be sent to the e-mail address provided by you in the purchase form.

Payment is the last step in completing the purchase form. I cannot postpone the payment date.

It is not necessary to print the policy. However, it is worth writing down, e.g. on the phone, the policy number and the contact number to the Help Center – these data will be needed in the event of a loss. If possible, contact the assistance department before starting treatment. If this is not possible – do it calmly when it is possible.

First, check the SPAM folder. If you do not find the email with the policy there, please contact us by email: bok@clicket.pl. 

accident insurance

Our insurance is aimed at young people up to 30 years of age – mainly students, as well as young adults. Our insurance works in many situations, not only at the university, but also:

– during study and practice,
– on the way to and from the university,
– during non-university classes – at the university and outside it,
– at home, at friends’, in the library, at a disco,
– when practicing sports (including high-risk sports) – professionally or recreationally.

Yes. If during the internship, for example, you burn or slip on the stairs and break your arm, accident insurance will guarantee you not only compensation for health impairment. It is also the reimbursement of the costs of possible rehabilitation, as well as the reimbursement of the cost of purchasing a sling or orthosis.

travel insurance

There are three variants of insurance available on our website – they differ in the amount of premium and the sum insured. You decide which option is best for you. All you have to do is define your purpose of travel and choose the sums insured that are right for you. If you need help choosing insurance, feel free to call us and the consultant will help you choose the right option.

If the beginning of the Insurance Period is on the same day as the conclusion of the insurance contract, the insurance coverage begins after four hours from the date of payment of the insurance premium. However, if the insurance period commences on the following day, the insurance coverage is effective from 00:00 on that day.

In the event that your destination is several countries, you should select the appropriate destination option from among the 3 available:

– Europa Plus – geographical region of Europe, and also the countries of the Mediterranean basin, ie Cyprus, Egypt, Georgia. Israel, Lebanon, Libya. Malta, Morocco, Syria. Tunisia. Turkey and the Canary Islands and Russia.

– A world without the USA and Canada
– World – all countries of the world

health insurance

If you are applying for a stay in Poland, it is a prerequisite for obtaining a visa. Such insurance must cover the entire stay.